Flexible & Modular Test Platform

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Flexible & Modular Test Platform
Citius Engineering has developed, as part of a research project with Thales Alenia Space Belgium (Charleroi) a flexible, modular and easily configurable test platform. It can be used for different products and types of tests and is particularly suitable for testing complex electronic equipment.

This test platform provides an innovative solution in terms of cabling. Indeed the quantity of cables is drastically reduced thanks to an intelligent matrix routing solution of the signals, particularly adapted when the wiring is made complicated by the conditions imposed by the tests.
The solution has been implemented in the context of testing of electronic components under vacuum as well as for satellite photovoltaic panel tests, for the needs of the Thales group. The platform has shown complete satisfaction.

In parallel and in collaboration with Level-IT, a software solution for data acquisition is proposed. It offers many features required for the conduct of tests (configuration of drivers, test sequencer, execution of tests, recording of test data, reporting, ...).

This major project was made possible thanks to funding from the Walloon Region and the FEDER.

Brochure to download here

More info: sales@citius-engineering.com

Flevible and Modular Testing Platform